Festa de sorvete <3

A great idea to have a Ice cream sundae dessert table for a birthday party. This is great for children's parties, as well as adults who just "love" ice cream sundae desserts!

<3 Leite na garrafa com biscoitos https://www.facebook.com/pages/Harry-Pierre-Petunia-Puddlesworth/639988636029632

Kids birthday party ideas

Milk and cookies for kids at wedding reception during champagne toast - super cute. we could even just do milk and fun straw since we won't have kid safe cookies unless we want to buy from better bites but that's a lot of dessert

Mesa de guloseimas

Earthy Autumn Wedding Inspiration for the Boho Bride

Linda Decoração com flores de papel e painel de madeira que vi no ig @queridadata  Imagem #pinterest #decorrent #decoracao ...

Love these paper flowers at a floral baby shower party! See more party planning…

Painel de Fotos do Casal <3

It would be amazing if all my guests each brought a photo of a wonderful memory they shared with the bride or groom.

Quem aí é louco(a) por Brigadeiro? Nós também! Por isso, tivemos a difícil missão de degustar e eleger as 10 melhores Brigaderias Gourmet de São Paulo.

Top 10: Brigaderias Gourmet

Examples of Brigadeiros and how they can be embellished to look like flowers.