Chocolate Flower Cake made with kit kats and candy discs for the flowers

Chocolate Flower Cake made with kit kats and chocolate buttons for the flowers. So simple, so effective!

Kit kat cake!!

is it too late for as a birthday cake? cuz I want it and I want it now! lol ate those Kit Kats!

Bolo Kinder Ovo MASSA: - 4 ovos - 3 xícaras(chá) de farinha de trigo - 1 xícara (chá) de leite - 1/2 xícara(chá) de manteiga ou margarina - 2 xícaras (chá) de açúcar - 1 xícara(chá) de chocolate em pó - 1 colher(sopa) de fermento em pó RECHEIO: - 1 barra de chocolate ao leite (170g) - 1 barra de chocolate meio amargo (170g) - 1 lata de creme de leite

Delights of Eating: Kinder Bueno Cake - Festa o Ano TodoFesta o Ano Todo

Gorgeous Smarties/Kit Kat cake!

Bolo Kit Kat: 25 modelos incríveis!

Smarties cake with Kit Kats around the outside

Kit kat cake with chocolate dipped strawberries

Kit kat chocolate barrel cake with chocolate dipped strawberries.

Kit Kat Cake-Made this for my girl's birthday!

Kit Kat Cake - Would be cute for a baby shower cAke

chocolate box cake

Chocolate Box Cake Recipe Quick Video

A yummy candy cake that is filled with so any yummy treats :)