Mmmm...Shoe with the Suit, can be useful. -- I should have been a man but I'm having too much of a good time as a woman.

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✓Black Shoes or Brown Shoes? A Visual Guide to the Ideal Color Pairing: Chart indicates an opinion on which shoes go better with each color of pants shown.


I can't even tell you how perfect this guy is! The hat! The camera! The Shirt! The jeans! The Converse! The camera! The tattoo! The face!

Men's Essentials:  Shoe Shape Guide. ---> FOLLOW US ON PINTEREST for Style Tips, our current SALES, men's Wardrobe essentials etc... ~ VujuWear

The two dress shoe shapes men should never wear, and all the shapes that are ok! These two shapes are supposedly a sign of poorly made mass produced shoe. Plus they don& look as nice.

Scarf #infografía

scarf knots for the essential fall look. If you do one thing this fall, learn how to wear a scarf! It will change your Christopher could rock all of these looks and be GQ spread worthy, but would he do it willingly?

Suit guide

The Suit Versatility Matrix: What Goes With What For Every Occasion [Infographic]

If you're not sure what suits go well with what dress shoes, and what type of event the resulting ensemble is appropriate for -- can I only wear black to funerals? Should I ever wear black to a.

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