corações em feltro para pendurar na porta

Door reminder to love yourself and that you are loved-each girl could make one colour and give it to the rest of the girls? They could then make their own multi-coloured chain?


Sew fun :) valentines victorian style romantic love token heart shape fabric brooch to make for your loved one on valentines day last minute craft ideas for lovers

Handmade 8 Heart Wreath. £20. Herzen auf einen Drahtkranz ziehen.

Handmade 8 Heart Wreath

Handmade heart wreath by Primitive Angel Country Store. Maybe substitute blue hearts for the white ones, remove the hanging heart, and it would be a patriotic wreath.

Coração delicado

Heart Sachet 5 inch Sachet Heart, Mauve Pink with Polka Dots, Lavender Buds, Folk Art, Cloth Handmade CharlotteStyle Decorative Folk Art

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