Normal. Olivier Zed

Olivier Zed collage as an inspiration for artwork to put on your custom smartphone case, tablet cover or laptop sleeve.


As colagens surreais de Marcelo Monreal

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Frida on White Bench, New York, 1939 by Nickolas Muray kyork 26555 FLO ® F O-12

Frida on White Bench, New York, 1939 by Nickolas Muray kyork 26555 FLO ® F

Sammy Slabbinck, "1950's Advance, Focus & Shoot", collage on paper, 2012…

Camera Collage artist Sammy Slabbinck is like a director, placing found imagery from Mid-Century advertisements in a contemporary context.

Mexique fonts by Ismael Fino -- I could do without the hipster glasses on Frida Kahlo, but the rest is cool.

MEXIQUE FONT by Ismael Fino cool graphic art influenced by kahlo and mexican folk art symbols , retro art


Ilustrações florais dão vida a dicionários que seriam descartados

Floral Anatomical Illustrations Breathe New Life Into Old Discarded Books


Paper Mosaic Materials: Poster Board Scissors Elmers glue Ruler Pencil free paint color chips Picture frame Instructions: Collect free sample colors from department stores or paint stores.