Como fazer mudas de alecrim e lavanda, também funciona para manjericão.

How to propagate rosemary- works for lavender too. Harris take that lavender i gave you and propagate it. I'll propagate rosemary for you!

Jardinagem vertical - que maximiza a sua colheita, aproveita melhor o espaço limitado, e mantém o suas plantas longe de pragas e podridão. Ocupa apenas quatro metros quadrados de espaço, mas produz mais do que no chão.

wallacegardens:: It’s called the Skyscraper Vertical Garden, and it is perfect for growing cucumbers, tomatoes, pole beans, and other climbing vegetables where space is limited. Made from Western red cedar….this is so cool with the squash hanging about

jardim-vertical-suspenso-inverno-ideias-05 Guia com 47 ideias para seu jardim vertical dicas faca-voce-mesmo-diy jardinagem madeira quintais

Containers are great for beginning gardeners, people who have limited space or anyone who wants to dress up their porch or patio. They can be planted with a single plant or a combination of plants depending on the look you… Continue Reading →

How to grow strawberries

Repurpose rain gutters into elevated strawberry beds.Recycle rain gutters into elevated strawberry beds.

5 Vertical Gardens :: Vegetable Garden Ideas

9+ Vegetable Gardens, using Vertical Gardening Ideas

Monrovia arbor of curcurbits *In small garden spaces plant bush type varieties or trellis (many types of winter squash, small pumpkins and gourds do well growing vertical).

herb garden!

herbs An Upcycled Herb Garden. Here's what you'll need: * Soup cans (cleaned and labels/glue removed) * Spray paint * Chalk board paint (and chalk) * Paint brush * Twine (optional) * Drill. Tutorial from link - Cute idea for limited space

Jardim vertical, horta com cano Pvc e correntes

Personally, I like the steel cable design. But I have to say, its super easy to put the chain link version together! (my DIY chicken coop in background) - Gardening Living

Vertical garden recycling plastic bottles--awesome!

Bottle tower gardening: how to start ? (Willem Van Cotthem)

Tudo que você precisa é uma pequena quantidade de espaço vertical em torno de uma varanda ou uma janela aberta que pode travar ou armazenar um conjunto vertical de garrafa de bebida.

All you need is a small amount of vertical space around a balcony or an open window which can hang or store a vertical array of drink bottles that can grow all your herbs and lettuce easily. Recycle as many of your plastic drink containers.

Jardim de ervas                                                       …

herb garden in sunken pots. keeps it nice and organized and keeps the herbs from spreading like the sunken pot idea for the front flower bed.

A greenhouse attached to the house how cool is that!

Shed Plans - originals 43 33 90 - Now You Can Build ANY Shed In A Weekend Even If You've Zero Woodworking Experience!

Cultivo Hidropônico de Hortaliças em Casa

Diferentes Sistemas para Montar um Cultivo Hidropônico

All areas

Self watering hanging basket. The link shows putting a small pot in center and filling with water but I like the water bottle idea shown in illustration.remember to line bottom with plastic bag (between the soil and fiber or moss) - Gardening For Life

Hortas urbanas: uma alternativa prática e sustentável   Como conservar ervas compradas em maço

Hortas urbanas: uma alternativa prática e sustentável + Como conservar ervas compradas em maço

Vertical Gardening: Using chain to suspend planters. I would use more applealing planters & chain, but this would be a great way to ve plants in the small space between the patio post & the wall.