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como usar colete social masculino

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Wedding topper - Cake by Davide Minetti

A wedding cake topper…a football superfan and a bride portrayed with her wonderful dress and flower bouquet…

Rufous-necked Hornbill ou calau-de-pescoço-ruivo, Aceros nipalensis, macho e fêmea

The Rufous-necked Hornbill (Aceros nipalensis) is a species of hornbill in the northeastern Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Numbers have declined significantly due to habitat loss and hunting, and it has been entirely extirpated from Nepal

Faisão Swinhoei - Aves Ornamentais - Faisão | Fazenda Visconde

LOPHURA SWINHOE Swinhoe pheasant is a species of galliform bird of the Phasianidaees family endemic to Taiwan. No subspecies are known. Exclusive species of the island of Taiwan. It is protected in a large reserve.