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Paula Roberta

Paula Roberta
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Read Capitulo ¿Me Gusta? from the story Nuestro Secreto (SuJin) by yasminmauricio with 448 reads. YoonGi Cuando vi a Jin tan débil, tan.

Alguns imagines dos meninos  para você se iludir um pouquinho só..✨   PEDIDOS ABERTOS !!!   #13 em FANFIC 22/02

Can someone tell me WHO THE F IS HUGGING SUGA? Repost it and write it under if you know. I was trying to find it for half an hour. Because if it's Hoseok I'm crying tonight. K bye <---- it's jungkookie who is hugging suga

Coisa mar fofaaaaaaa ksjebehvrufbrjeu

Oh SHT yoongi. If you're not careful you could seriously murder somebody's soul with that stare 😳

Imagem embutida

Everytime posts selfies I always fangirl choke but this time I was drinking water and it wasn't pretty. thanks Suga ❤ haha

Suga BTS (*///*)/  esse ser humano fica perfeito ate de branco e preto :3

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