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You don't hear from me because I gave up on you and me. I'll still talk to you if you reach out, I'll still be kind, but I'm not letting myself love you anymore.

No matter how many tps truth is truth. And I'll love you more than anyone ever can but I'll never allow you to cheat again.

Unless you're like me, and in a twisted way you want all those you deem not deserving to suffer exactly the way you did. But yes to the ones who manage to secure a place in my heart. They always nickname me "mom" because I worry and I nurture but I will eat you alive if I don't like you.

”The Loneliest People Are the Kindest. The Saddest People Smile the Brightest. The Most Damaged People Are the Wisest. All Because They Do Not Wish to See Anyone Else Suffer the Way They Do” ~ Loneliness Quote.the damaged part of this quote is so true!