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I hear so many people say they are tired, but I really wonder sometimes if they mean something else.

I hear so many people say they are tired, but I really wonder sometimes if they mean something else.

I am naturally an introvert, and all of this is so true!

Myths about introverts

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true story


I have been busy, busy, busy- but with everything but blogging. Work has been busy, life has been busy and I have not been able to pull together any fun posts. This past weekend instead of baking and taking pictures- I was playing with two cuties who might respond to the names cake butt and pie. They were exceptionally cute. My heart just needs some twin time every now and then. I truly cannot wait until it warms up and the days are longer. I find it impossible to photograph anything at home…

Ooooooh some of them, yes I do...but I have come to realize that not everyone is your friend and some pretend to be your friend but they never liked you in the first place. It's sad but through personal experience I know this 2 be true...if a person didn't like you 20 yrs ago, they prob still don't care for you but pretend they do. I call that fake & sad, BUT lesson learned

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Don't even try to deny it.


39 Powerful Quotes That Will Change the Way You Live and Think

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It's true: words have power. They can open people's minds and change the way they think, they can start a movement and initiate great change, and they can

yes. Yes. YES! #4 and #8 are SO true for me. How to be Friends with an Introvert - See Jamie blog

How to be Friends with an Introvert

How to be friends with an introvert: tips for those we adore but who might not "get" us.

YES. This is the most accurate thing I've read in my entire life. what I hate most of all is beating around the bush. be yourself. It's infinitely more interesting.

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