Nesse post eu te conto um pouco sobre o método de organização Bullet Journal - ou BuJo. O que é, ideias de páginas e o meu próprio bullet journal!
bujo, bullet journal, ideias de como montar, inspiração, planejamento, organização pessoal, cadernos.
#monthly #spread Bullet Journal Monthly Spread - Example
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Exemplo de símbolos do Bullet Journal e código de cores - Bullet journal symbols and color coding key:
Caligrafia Artística: Agosto 2015
manustudies:  20:07 // made a spread for the classes i’ll take in this semester. tried to make it all artsy and stuff but i’m always afraid it will be too much (gotta work on that).french starts tomorrow! i’m very, very, very (VERY) excited. always wanted to learn more languages (for now i only know portuguese and english) so it’s amazing to finally put that plan into action (the course is FIVE YEARS LONG. that’s a lot. like a LOT but that’s ok).monday it’s my first day at uni but the first…
studypetals:  3.13.16+3:15pm // 15/100 days of productivity // made a banners/frames reference page! i’m sorry about the small mistakes; i made this on the plane ride. i wanted to get it done before we had some turbulence!
Decoração Floral e ornamentos Vetor grátis

Mais ideias
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Frames and Banners | Sketch Notes | Bullet Journal
Seja mirabolante ou minimalista, o importante é que o bullet journal vai ser todo seu.
Separei inspirações lindas pra você soltar sua criatividade <3
be at peace — blur but pure; some bujo headers, frames and icons
Separei inspirações lindas pra você soltar sua criatividade <3
joo-ah-lee: “Which ones do you use?  (Happy New Year) ”
tbhstudying: “ i was really bored, so i doodled a bit in my bullet journal. inspired by @studypetals who literally has such a beautiful blog + amazing doodles!! please check her blog out :’) ”