Fica mais lindo a cada dia ❤

Jung Hoseok: Okay but this board is probably going to be sunshine and shine because J-Hope is wonderful

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♥ Bangtan Boys ♥ Suga ♥ Taehyung ♥ Jin ♥ J hope ♥ JungKook ♥ Namjoon ♥ & Jimin ♥

I swear Jimin looks the sexiest in Blood Sweat & Tears video.

Me orgulho de ser uma ARMY♥♥

[FOTO] – Fotos inéditas do The Most Beautiful Moment in Life @ Naver Music Special

Look at his cute little smile and those perfect glasses! How is anyone this wonderful

Jiminie tem como você ficar mais lindo?

[SCANS] 2015 Season Greetings

BTS RUN... So excited for part 3!


BTS RUN... So excited for part 3!



BTS New Japanese Single -- For You -- released June 2015 Japanese Anniversary Versin (CD + Goods)