caipirinha = brazilian bliss

Caipirinha Made with sugar, lemon and Cachaça (the name given to the spirits of sugarcane, a beverage typically Brazilian)

Guarana fruit

Guarana which is also known as Paullinia cupana, or Brazilian cocoa, develops from a plant found in the northern a part of Brazil and Venez.


some pictures and images of Brazilian women beach volleyball player when play in different matches Brazilian beach volleyball Brazilian be.

Mapa do Brasil por Estados.

Although the situation is slowly changing, it has to be said that Brazil is not a vegetarian's paradise. Brazilians, by a.


caipirinha (have never made it with vodka, we always use cachaca) soooo yummy

havaianas slim , love all these

havaianas slim , love all these. I'm not a shoe Lover . I am A flip flop lover.