sammy ladybug

sammy ladybug

belo horizonte, minas gerais / sou super fa de miraculous ladybug e amor doce
sammy ladybug
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Rise of the Guardians is one of my fav movies, honestly anon you’re brillant. thou the kwamis would probably been a better fit but I love these kids and the guardians were said to be someone.

“Hey you two! You know the legend about kissing at the top of the Ferris wheel right?” “Adrien, dude, you gotta do it man!” “You too Mari! You better not let this chance pass you by girl!


deepee-chan: ““Strangers”Maybe we pass each other everyday ….Perhaps you see photos of me in the walls of Paris —Currently practicing this art style , background is from screenshot made a little tweak into it…. PS longing for more Miraculous so bad.


Cuz my heart is so mean for making me feel things… plus all the lousy hurried lines and uneven experimental coloring ; what is wrong with me these days P The Ladybugs and The Bees by BullySquadess P Rainy.

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rule number 1 when designing dress: there’s never enough sparkle and I are trying to figure out what kind of dress Mari should wear for the Yule Ball in the Hogwarts AU Mainly takes.