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the process of making crispy parmesan garlic edamame is shown here
Crispy Parmesan Garlic Edamame
Crispy Parmesan Garlic Edamame! Baked in the oven, this edamame recipe is a tasty snack with only 123 calories! A filling food that will help you reach your weight goals. | HomemadeHooplah.com
green tomatoes with spicy ranch on top, and an image of some food in bowls
Oven Fried Green Tomatoes with Spicy Ranch - Crispy and Delicious with Less Guilt.
a glass jar filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cookie sheet
Crispy Chickpea and Edamame Oven Snack
Crispy Chickpea and Edamame Oven Snack
grilled cabbage steaks with honey balsamic and pan - seared crab sauce
Honey Balsamic Pan-Seared Cabbage Steaks
Honey Balsamic Pan-Seared Cabbage Steaks - #cabbage #steak #eatwell101 #recipe - These cabbage steaks are an utterly delicious way to give this green vegetable the spotlight at the dinner table. - #recipe by #eatwell101®
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an older woman holding a plate with fried food on it and smiling at the camera
Fried Green Tomatoes | Today I'm going to teach y'all how to make fried green tomatoes in my own special way! And y'all keep asking about my soap so I told you a little about... | By Cooking with Brenda Gantt | Good morning Facebook friends. How are y'all? Listen. I went to town this morning and I went to a market and they got green tomatoes in there so I want to show y'all what I got. I got me some green tomatoes right here and I fixed to fry me one. Now I've shown y'all before how to fry good green tomatoes. But today I'm going to do it again because I'm cooking them anyway and you might as well watch me. Let me turn my grease on over here so it can be kind of a little bit on the warm side. But anyway I want to tell you what we're going to do tomorrow. I had a friend a Facebook friend in California that sent me these beautiful avocados. She sent me eight. But last night Hannah and I got together and we made a a salad out of these beautiful things. And it was so good. And we ate it with the chips. And I ate some more today for lunch. But anyway these were the ones that weren't as ripe. And so I think by tomorrow they will be ripe enough and I am going to make us some and I'll try to remember so that y'all could be with me and we'll make us more. Now the last time I made it y'all said oh I don't like avocados. But let me tell you these things are good for ya. They've got good oil in it and I wish I could grow me an avocado tree. You can take that big old giant seed out. They say let it dry out and then you can grow you one but I've never had one but maybe I can learn to but I got me some cilantro today. I got me a lime and I've got a red tomatoes we're going to put in it so that'll be for tomorrow. But today we are just going to fry us a beautiful green tomatoes. And I'm just going to fry one of them. Uh so come over here and let's give him a good washing. Cuz I don't know who's been touching this in this market but we're going to give it a good little washing here. We're going to come over here to my chopping block and I'm going to show y'all. Well I'll just turn this thing around. It probably easier than running you around every which way. Uh I'm going to come over here to my chopping block and what you need to do when you're doing a tomato. Don't cut it in circles. That is a strictly a no no. You're just too far away from me. I like to be right up on you. Get over here with me. Get over here with me girl. Alright. Let me get you back there and I'll be right here. You can see. Anyway, when you're doing a tomato y'all. Cut it in cubes. It absorbs less grease. It's quicker and it's healthier. So just cut your tomatoes in half and then cut like this. And we're going to cut it in some cubes. Like we were kind of kind of going to do potato salad or something like that. Okay? Alright. So now I'm just going to cut some little cubes off of it. And you don't peel it. You just leave it just like this. I love that movie Fried Green Tomatoes, don't y'all? I love that movie. I could watch it a half a dozen times. I could really relate with that. I love that movie. Anyway, I like to waited too long to this one's trying to turn right on me in it. I should have gotten one a little greener but this will have a good acidy flavor and it'll be so good. This'll be just enough for me. One of em. Now, when you're frying something, when you're deep fat frying like I do, I deep fat fry everything. I've got a deep skillet right here. I've got it halfway full of oil right here. And then when I do that I I can save my oil and just keep frying. Whatever the summer gardens are coming in so y'all fry whatever you want to. Alright what what you do is you put these green tomatoes in your pan right here. We're going to salt it, pepper it, buttermilk it. And then we're going to put some whitelily self-rising cornmeal all over it. And just a scoop of whitelily flour. It doesn't matter if it's plain or self-rising with that. So you got that. So now we're going to salt and pepper it. Let me get us some salt and pepper out. We're going to put a little little salt. Just a little bit. Don't want too much. We want to be healthy. And we're going to put a little pepper. And we're going to put a little buttermilk. Now you're asking me why do you use buttermilk Miss Brenda? Well this is why you use it. Because when you put this buttermilk on there it's going to give a it's going to coat it. And so when it coats it it makes your it makes your cornmeal and everything stick to it better. So, I put what I put in here was about two or three tablespoons or less. Just enough to get it wet. It's all you want. Alright, come over here to our flour and our cornmeal and we're going to put some cornmeal. Let me get my half of scoops gone. I'll just get a scoop. I wonder where my scoop is. Put a little cornmeal on it. You can always add cornmeal if you need to, okay? Add a little cornmeal and we're going to add just a scoop of flour. Maybe what is that? Like a tablespoon. Two tablespoons. Something like that. And we're going to toss it in there, okay? We're just going to toss it This is so quick and easy. Now y'all you can do your yellow squash this way. Your zucchini. That's really good like this. My grease is just not hot yet but we'll it'll be hot in a minute. We're going to fry this up. I wish y'all were here to eat a good fried green tomatoes with me. You would love it. Alright, there we go. Let's go over here and wash your hands. Let me get you back over this way. Y'all got to stay with me today. You got to stay with me, honey. Alright, here we go. Anyway, Y'all been asking me what kind of soap this is over here. Well, it's about gone. It is a an Amish soap. A bunch of bars come in the bag. And I like it because it smells like soap. I mean I have sensitive skin. So I don't want anything with perfume and all that kind of stuff in it. I just I need just plain old plain old soap. So anyway it smells like the you remember when y'all were little here's what my granny did. And y'all this is nuts. But this what she did. She had a big old galvanized tub. And she fill it with water out of the well and sit it in the sunniest spot in the backyard. And she let it sit there all day. And then that afternoon whichever grandchild was the cleanest got to get in the tub first and bathe off. She had a little bar of soap sitting there in an old saucer. I think was it a saucer? And you'd bathe off with that soap and she had a towel out there and you dry off and everybody used the same towel. They used the same soap. They used the same water. And then she had a nail on an old pole out there. And when you finished bathing you'd hang that on that pole. And the next child would get in. Now when you finished her bath you had to come Um back on the porch. She couldn't get out anymore that day. That was it. And then right before bedtime she'd say go wash your feet. And so we'd have to get a rag and wipe our feet off. She wouldn't let us get in the bed if we'd been running around on the porch. But anyway that's how we bathe. Um that about gone all that soap. Let me look down here. Here's here it is. Quality handmade bar soap. And it says Amish Farms on it. Anyway you got you got five big old bars in there. I'm going to put me another one out. They come in each different colors. I think oh jeez the people. I just put it out over here. It's a it's a fat bar. And it smells just like soap. You know when God and here's here's hey here here it is right here. But I will say this. I don't know how for y'all to order it. I'll have to get Walt to do that. Put you a link on there. If you want to get you some. Um oh but anyway let me get you back over here. I think our grease is getting pretty hot y'all. It looks like it is anyway. We're going to have some fried green tomatoes right here. Alright. Yeah, I kind of look at mine sideways and I'll put one of em in there just to test it. Ooh yes. It is ready honey. Let me get me out of plate. Anyway, God gave us five senses. And did y'all know, I don't know if you know this or not, but your sense of smell is the strongest sense that you have. Uh, when a baby is born, they they smell their mama. They animals do it, humans do it. It's just, it's just an instinctive thing that God gave us. And this soap reminds me of when I was a little girl at my granny's house. I mean y'all know it's true. Y'all know things that you can smell when you were little. Now y'all know not to turn or stir your okra or anything else you're frying. Very often. Just barely barely barely scoot it around. And the reason for that is this. You will knock all the crispy crunchy off of it y'all. You don't want to do that. Just barely touch it down. And by the way, I didn't always get to bathe first either because I was not always the cleanest grandchild. See how quick that was. Now, if you had been slicing that in round circles, y'all, if you had done that, you would been standing in this stove for half a day trying to get everybody a couple of circles and by the time you got all of em done, the first ones you did would be all soggy. Now, if I'm lying, I'm dying. Y'all know that's true. I'm going to move this off my eye now and then I'll talk to you. Anyway, so when you're frying your fried green tomatoes, don't you look how beautiful this is? Let me turn my eye. There we go. Look at that. Ain't that pretty? That's gorgeous, isn't it? And so all you need is to cut up your tomatoes in cubes. Or you can cut up your eggplants in cubes. Or your yellow squash. Or your zucchini. And and or your mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms. Put salt, pepper, a shake of buttermilk up. Put a little whole buttermilk on it if you can find it. Put some self-rising whitelily cornmeal around on it and just a scoop of whitelily flour either kind whitelily flour and that makes that crust stick on there see and then it the taste is incredible. I don't know if it's cool enough to eat but I'm going to try. Good. Good. Good. Crunchy. Crunchy. Crunchy. Acidy. Fried green tomatoes. So good. I was talking to Walt this afternoon before I post this. He can put a link on that soap. Oh, look at this eye. See that? On that. I've been out in the yard again working. I'm not going to quit if I turn red all over. I I love to play in the dirt. Y'all I hope you have a good day. All things work together for good. For those that love the Lord. That doesn't mean we're not going to have bad things. But everything's going to work together. And everything will be alright in the end. So lift yourself up. Know that the Lord loves you. That he died for you. He loves you. Just call his name. Jesus. Love y'all. Bye bye.
the best vegetable casserole recipe is in a glass dish on a wooden table
The BEST Vegetable Casserole
Need a side dish recipe for the holidays or entertaining? This Cheesy Vegetable Casseroles is EPIC! It's layered with broccoli, cauliflower, water chestnuts, bean sprouts and topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. I love that you can prep it the day before and just bake it the day you are entertaining. Make sure you make this the next time you need a delicious side dish recipe. #vegetable #casserole