Sandra Marcondes

Sandra Marcondes

Sandra Marcondes
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Soft Green Leaves - natural textures, organic inspiration

Art Inspiration: Photography - leaves creating interesting texture in this picture "Farmer's Market Hollywood" by JUSTINA BLAKENEY.

Grama molhada

For Raphael, Heart of the Deadwood (YA urban fantasy book)

Tropicalia_inspiration (ss14: ilhas selvagens)

Free Your Wild :: Botanical Beauty :: Plants :: Cacti :: Garden Decor :: See more Untamed Nature

L E T L I V ™

birdasaurus: Nicole Franzen - I Love Ugly


Flor Garduño, La pavo real (peacocks have many uses)

Flor Garduño!

whileatsea:Hoja elegante (Mexico, the [ Inner light ] seriesby Flor Garduño* παρουσίαση / full feature

paintinf from Sam Szafran

Sam Szafran exhibition at Galerie Claude Bernard


Sow thistles - A nutritious edible weed. Notice how the sow thistle has many flower buds sprouting from one stalk.

Pereskia aculeata var. rotundifolia

Pereskia aculeata var. rotundifolia

Costela de Adão (Monstera deliciosa)

Soft Jardin Exo'chic - Rainette Lithos Only