Grey's anatomy

Grey's Anatomy, slexie extended scene from the season 6 finale


Ladbroke Gardens, London (Notting Hill Gate) aka home.

Dokter Arizona

Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) - "Don't be fooled by the rollerskates. Peds is hardcore.

Notting Hill London

Windows of Notting Hill London

Where to?

As a backup plan I would love to drive a ship/boat. This will take me on many adventures expanding the sea. This would be a great learning experience and find extraordinary sea creatures & things on the way.


"The Notebook" - Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as Noah and Allie

blueberry muffins

What would it be like to be face to face with a PILE of blueberry muffins? ////muffins (by rtotheobin)

dinner with friends

Outdoor House Party Decoration Tips

Op de rode loper

It's About Time: Rachel McAdams Through the Years

HBO is announcing some more cast members for True Detective season two. The network has finally officially confirmed Rachel McAdams will be on the show.