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Easy Clay Sculptures : Sirenic Quotidian at Never Sea Land - Dear Art

Figurehead by Suspy

The Figurehead. Inspiration for the figurehead depicting Lady Serena

Black Spirit Pirate Ship Figurehead

figureheads on ships

mermaid ship Figurehead

Spectacular Photos Of Ship Figureheads From Around The World

Ray Charles

Ray Charles: proof that the best music crosses all boundaries. on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 greatest artists.

Georgia on my mind

Music lovers around the world know Ray Charles, and one of his most famous songs is "Georgia On My Mind", written by Stuart Gorrell and Hoagy Carmichael. Although the song was actually written for a woman named Georgia, Ray Charles' rendition of the.

Inner Visions : Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder and his sweater

Lambda Lambda Lambda, baby.

Revenge of the Nerds [ Jeff Kanew

The Dream Team

The Dream Team.the original Dream Team~

Saira Sete Cores

Saira Sete Cores