French knitting is an interesting way for kids to work with yarn. Imagine what you could make with this kids craft! And saves you from going out and buting those big plastic things

Toilet roll knitting - site has tons of project ideas for french knitting using craft sticks and toilet paper rolls


Figure eight stitch on an Authentic Knitting Board Tadpole loom. Creates a lovey double sided fabric - cross stitch on one side and stockinette on the other. The yarn is Misty Alpaca Hand Painted Chunky in Pico. by MarylinJ by Gleci Schmidt

How cool! Been looking for a tutorial for finger knitting, can you imagine how cozy a blanket of this would be?

A tutorial for finger knitting! Looks safer than arm knitting. I tried arm knitting and ended up tying myself up in a yarn straight-jacket!

It wasn't until I figured how to knit a hole into a spool-knit tube (see Spool Knit Wrist Warmer) that I realized that a spool knitter could be used to knit a flat panel.  Why it took me so long I ...

Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Idea #8: Summer Skinny Skarf

Finger knitting loom for little kids: make a French Knitter from a toilet paper roll (easier for small hands).