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How I Met Your Mother Cast: Then and Now

Both shows are about a group of white twentysomethings going about their lives in NYC… I've been saying this since I started watching HIMYM, even though I'd only seen a couple episodes of Friends before.

How I Met Your Mother

'How I Met Your Mother' finale: Why you should appreciate the not-so-perfect ending. I completely agree.

How I Met Your Plot Device: uma conversa – Revista Pólen

The final big mystery of How I Met Your Mother was answered: the Pineapple Incident. Early in the first season, Ted gets super-drunk, and wakes up the . View More Unsolved Mysteries From 'How I Met Your Mother'" and more funny posts on Dorkly

How I Met Your Mother ~

"How I Met Your Mother" gang. Either Jason Segel is posing like Marshall or he really does have to keep his eyes open like Marshall!