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27 ways to relax in just minutes! Use these tips anywhere & find your zen.

Calm anxiety with this simple and natural breathing trick that melts away stress and promotes a sense of peace. ** You can find more details by visiting the image link.

Meditation poses explained

Unleash Your Divine Power With Ancient Mudra & Pranayama Techniques (Infographic)

Studies show pranayama can be an alternate therapy for many diseases.

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Neon & Night come together in moody #doubleexposure.

Film Photo Series: This Must Be the Place by Scott WilliamsNeon & Night come together in these moody double exposures:

morning prayer // daily devotionals // daily christian prayer

Loving Father and heavenly Lord; I know that prayer is simply the breath of helplessness being nourished on the bosom of the Father, therefore Lord, I come to You lifting up the many men and women …

Inspiração: Lotus Na literatura clássica asiática, a flor de lótus simboliza elegância, beleza, perfeição, pureza e graça, frequentemente associada aos atributos femininos ideais. A flor de lótus representa um mistério para a ciência, que não consegue explicar a característica própria que possui de repelir microorganismos e partículas de pó.

This would be a beautiful tattoo. The lotus is an amazing, resilient flower. What is the significance of the lotus? What does the lotus mean? Spiritual Yoga Symbols - this would be my tattoo