Rap- monster, não dance-monster❤

¿Sabías Que?: BTS - #77

[GIF] Lộ bụng rồi nhé, TAETAE ~❤️

When your like Taehyung has grown up so fast but then you see this and your like oh nevermind

me when i think about how far my babies have come since 2013 II Wings Tour Final Day 3 ^^


BTS // 방탄고년단 // Park Jimin // 박지민 // I honestly love the concept of Mic Drop, it fits my vibe and i love the style and just wow yes

Mic drop yoongi- you can really see that he enjoys what he does here.

depois de tanto tempo fora, jungkook finalmente vai matar toda a saud… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

automatic ❁ jikook

That big ass smile is my kryptonite. Especially that close 😍