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a wooden sign that says bee happy with a yellow and black striped bee on it
60 Garden Sign Ideas—Funny, Sweet, & Practical
40 Funny Cute Sarcastic and Sentimental Garden Signs | Empress of Dirt
an image of a garden being displayed on instagrams for the first time in years
mooie stapstenen bij een kruidentuintje. Foto geplaatst door 7144laura op Welke.nl
PHOTO ONLY - Vegetable boxes incorporated into small yard along the fence line. Oh I wish my garden looked this neat!
an old coat rack with gardening tools hanging from it's hooks on a wooden wall
Solution Center - Tips, Advice, and Ideas
Use an old rake for organization | 9 Ways to Think Outside the Toolbox
there are many different tools hanging on the wall in this shed, including shovels and rakes
Ashbee Design
PVC to organize garden tools.
an image of soil layers with grass growing from them
Organic Lawn Care For the Cheap and Lazy
Fantastic page for ALL lawns, but especially for lawns in bad shape. Organic Lawn Care For the Cheap and Lazy - best information ever
colorful birdhouses on a white picket fence
Banana Stuffed French Toast
Tiny birdhouses on the fence Cute!
a green basket filled with lots of colorful crocheted items hanging from it's sides
Place scraps of yarn in a suet feeder and birds will use them to make their nests.
Place scraps of yarn in a suet feeder and birds will use them to make their nests.
there are many green jars lined up on the ground with rocks in front of them
Garden Edging Ideas
an image of a garden with rocks and flowers on it, in the middle of a page
Tree Stump Walkway I love this idea. It would look so nice in many places on my property. I saw something like this in Germany when I was there. They had it done in the aisle of their carriage house. Very cool!
a garden with lots of different types of trees and plants in it, including logs
DIY Tree Stump Ideas
I did this at my Polson, Mt. house, surrounding the slices with pea gravel. I soaked them in creosote first.
a tree with birdhouses on it in the middle of some rocks and trees near by
Tree stump bird house @Sarah Chintomby Reid - an idea for your yard...to give the turkeys some feathered company!
a tree stump with flowers growing out of it's sides and the words plant and flower guide written below
tree stump ideas
tree stump ideas | tree stump ideas
three tall vases with plants in them sitting on top of each other
I love the tree stump idea for plant stands, you could also paint them vibrant colors to add even more color to the flower bed
instructions to build a fire pit in the grass with bricks and dirt around it,
Cool Fire Pit For The Back Yard.
Fire Pit! this would be a lot better than the one we currently have
a bed made out of wooden blocks sitting on top of gravel next to a potted plant
cinderblock and wood outdoor seating. DIY - Cool Nature