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an outdoor dining area with potted plants and lights strung over the top of it
Lápis de Noiva
Decoração para jardim da casa nova
three different colored lights hanging from the ceiling in various shapes and sizes, with one light turned on
GIOPATO & COOMBES › I Flauti › Matter and Shape
a lamp that is sitting on top of a white surface with a cord attached to it
Светильники ар нуво
Art Nouveau Lamp, 1905
an ornate lamp with a glass globe on it
Art Nouveau - Emile Gallé
a chandelier with lights hanging from it's sides and branches on the ceiling
Gradara - Modern - Ceiling Lighting - Los Angeles - by Montaltolamp | Houzz
Montalto "Gradara" lighting fixture
a room with green lights on the wall and a cat sitting in front of it
non ho paura del cammino by icewhirl on DeviantArt
non ho paura del cammino by icewhirl