Adorable travel-themed rib cage tattoo by Aline

45 Inspirational Travel Tattoos That Are Beyond Perfect

I want to do this so bad but I'm the only potterhead I'm my friend group

A Tale of three Brothers There are few things in life that are unbreakable; the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood definitely make the list. The love of Harry Potter to true fans is also impenetrable.

Sun, Moon, and Star Sister or Friend Tattoos

The Sun. I think this is a nice size, I'm going for small rather than too big and imposing. The sun, the moon, the stars--I really like this!

O Nós na Trip adora pesquisar tatuagens de viagens bacanas pelo mundo, inclusive temos uma pasta de inspirações lá no nosso Pinterest que estamos sempre at

10 inspirações de tatuagens para quem ama viajar

66 Tatuagens para quem adora música

66 tatuagens com o tema música

Rewind, pause, play, fast forward and shuffle buttons. Not big on wrist tattoos, but I like the tat for someone that loves music. Just not on my arm

Ideias de Tatuagens para Sereias                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Female tattoos are badass as much as they are gorgeous. Need some tattoo inspiration? See our list of tattoo ideas for women that you can rock at any age.

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