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three children are sitting at a table with construction paper
Kinder and Pre-kinder Mondrian inspired art
Kinder and Pre-kinder Mondrian inspired art – littlekinderartists
a white wall with many colorful paintings on it's sides and black dots in the middle
there are four boxes that have different designs on them, each with mountains in the background
Miniature Landscapes by Sarah Kaplan
Monochrome landschappen (Kan ook in een (kleine) schoenendoosdeksel.)
a child's face is shown with words written on the wall behind it,
a poster with different types of paper sculptures on it's display wall in a classroom
an art project made out of colored pieces of paper on a black background with the words,
some beaded pictures are sitting on a table next to paint supplies and crafting supplies
The Very Best Cardboard Box Crafts
several different colored yarns are laid out on a white surface with one being stitched together
Yarn Painting.
Such a cool art project for kids! Make pictures with yarn instead of paint!