HJ-Story :: Rainlove

This image has special meaning to me on many different level. In our lives there'll be bound to be dark, rainy, days. In those gloomy days, remember that there's still love and that life is colorful. This piece though simple is soulful!

HJ-Story :: I Need You!

Someone suggested me do an "I Need You" image a long time ago but I didn't have any idea of how to portray it nicely then finally this idea popped in my. I Need You!

All about surface pattern ,textiles and graphics: Girly doodles

All about surface pattern ,textiles and graphics: New project on the horizon its a joint venture .watch this space x

Love is Singing & Dancing | HJ Story Love is... pinning this, http://www.shivohamyoga.nl/ #loveis #love #hj-story

HJ-Story :: Love is. singing and dancing - image 1