So much cute

A friend

All I ever wished for was a friend. And his name, was The Doctor. (❤️)>>>> this is awesome! And I love how you^ said it was the doctor awwww


every morning she leaves her dreams in bed, wake up and put their clothes of living


Where there is education there is no distinction(discrimination) in classes

If I am loved, the more I am loved the more I love If I am forgotten I must forget too Because love is like a mirror - It has to reflect Pablo Neruda

Mudar a si mesmo é possível... E muito mais fácil... #comportamento #reflexao #atitude #psicologia #psicanalise

Dalai Lama - is much better to realize a fault in himself the tens in the other, because you can change your default


Do all dogs go to heaven? Pope Francis says yes. reports tonight Prophets 🙌🏻 GOD BLESS YOU!

Não se deixe cativar pelo cativeiro. Não há beleza em liberdade roubada #freelolita #freetilikum

Animal cruelty in zoos essaytyper Argumentative Essay on Animal Cruelty. They have to live in zoos. Every type of animal cruelty is harmful to in physical or psychological way.