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narcissa cornélia rosier black: I am my favourite thing in this world | famous rpg; victoria secrets model | the darkness is ancient and useen, the dark is the…
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» lucissa; will you still love me, when we are no longer young and beautiful?

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» you do what you have to do, satine

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» fc; gigi hadid

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» black sisters; dans une vie de chaos, tu étais les lumières auxquelles je m'accrochais, maintenant et pour toujours

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» ginny; a hurricane in the shape of a best friend

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» rodolphus; some people become friends 'cause they see the broken pretty things in the other like a mirror

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» quotes - beautiful little tragic girls like you should learn to keep your thoughts quiet

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» future; in the end of this sad story, you will have a beautiful outcome, just believe

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» childhood; kids are suposed to be very very happy... aren't they?

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a black and white photo with the words you're beginning to feel less like a friend and more like home
𝗘𝗻𝗱𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗹𝘆| ✔︎
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Gigi Hadid's Met Gala Gown Has a Slit So Sexy, You'll Need to Confess After Seeing It
a woman in a blue hoodie holding a red cup
↠ρiηŧєrєsŧ: @dbєηєvєηuŧø ♡☪❀
a black and white photo of a woman in a long dress
Gigi Hadid, The Supermodel with Serious Social Media Chops
Gigi Hadid, The Social Media Supermodel | Vanity Fair
two women holding hands walking down a street in front of tall buildings on either side of them
Ideas, Couture, Polyvore, Prom, Character, Ravena
a woman standing in front of a cityscape with her hands on her hips
Gigi Hadid
a woman with red lipstick and a gold headband on her head is looking away from the camera
Wearesodroee - My WordPress Blog
Aya Jones, Gigi Hadid, Nathalie Emmanuel, Kendall Jenner, Liu Wn, Sofia Paz, Carson Meyer by Gregory Harris for Vogue US July 2015
a woman with red hair and piercings on her arm is leaning against a table
Gigi Hadid Messika Jewelry Campaign
a woman in white pants and a red jacket posing for a magazine cover with her hand on her hip
Dis Mademoiselle Grenade, qui est Gigi Hadid ?
Dis Mademoiselle Grenade, qui est Gigi Hadid ? Gigi Hadid par Rayan Ayash pour Schön! #24. Fashion editor: Beagy Zielinski Hair stylist: Renato Campora Makeup artist: Beau Nelson Manicurist: Casey Herman #fashion #photography #editorial #GigiHadid #RayanAyash #BeagyZielinski #RenatoCampora #BeauNelson #CaseyHerman #topmodels #supermodels
a woman sitting in a chair with her hand on her head
Hr Global Magazine
a woman smiles as she looks down at her cell phone
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Every single time Gigi Hadid was our ultimate style crush
a man and woman dressed up in formal wear standing next to each other with their arms around each other
a woman jumping into the air from a boat in the ocean while another person watches