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No yard? No problem! If your heart is looking to garden but you don't think you have space think again. We've got all the information you need to get started on…
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how to grow bridal veil in the garden
Bridal Veil Plant: How to Grow this Beautiful Flowering Houseplant
How to grow this beautiful flowering Bridal Veil Plant as an indoor houseplant. The Bridal Veil Plant is a trailing houseplant that’s perfect for hanging pots. Add peace and love to your indoor space with this gorgeous plant. This delicate-looking indoor plant is easy to grow and prefers bright indirect light. In this guide to the Bridal Veil Plant find out how to care for it, watering, and more.
an aloe vera plant with the title how to repat an aloe vera houseplant
Repotting Aloe Vera: Tips for Choosing Potting Soil, Pots, and More
How to Repot Aloe Vera. Repotting aloe vera is easy with this how-to guide. How to repot your aloe vera houseplant. Tips for choosing the best potting soil, the best pots and containers, and more. #Houseplants #AloeVera
cucumbers growing in a container garden with text overlay how to grow cucumbers in a container garden
How to Grow Cucumbers in a Container Garden on Decks, Patios & More
How to grow cucumbers in a container garden. Adding cucumbers to your container vegetable garden is easy. Get tips and advice for growing cucumbers in pots and indoors. Growing cucumbers indoors is a great idea when you have limited space. cucumber plants are easy to grow, productive, and thrive in pots and planters. #GrowingCucumbers #ContainerGarden
a person holding a plant with green leaves and text overlay that reads how to prepare your houseplant pest control managing common pests
Types of houseplant bugs: Who they are and what to do about them
The most common types of houseplant bugs to worry about. If you are a houseplant queen these pests might disrupt your indoor garden aesthetic. Find out in this guide who these bugs are and what to do about them! Save your indoor garden and flowering houseplants from pests.
seed starting rack with plants in it and text overlay reading start your own seeds at home how to build an easy seed starting rack
Make the Ultimate DIY Grow Light Stand
It's very difficult to grow healthy seedlings in front of a window. Instead, assemble your own DIY grow light stand with supplies from the hardware store. #vegetablegarden #gardening #planting #seeds
a close up of a plant with text overlay reading how to grow fishbone cactus
Fishbone Cactus: How to Grow and Care for this Unique Houseplant
How to Grow and Care for Your Fishbone Cactus. Get essential gardening tips on how to care for this unique houseplant. This fascinating succulent cactus bears the scientific name of Epiphyllum anguliger and it is a tropical plant. Here is everything you need to know about growing a fishbone cactus.
Plants that Grow in Water
Amazing Plants That Grow in Only Water. A really cool no-fuss, mess-free technique for growing houseplants indoors! If you want to take your indoor garden to the next level use this houseplant water only gardening hack. Plants that grow in water require no soil and little maintenance! Give them a try and read more here.
two trays filled with seed plants and the words diy self watering seed tray
DIY Self-watering Tray
DIY Self-watering seed starting Tray, Save money by making your own self-watering seed starting tray, it is very easy, it is cheap if you buy the items or free if you reuse the ones you have used. #diy #selfwateringtray #seedtray #seedsstarting #selfwate
Planting Pepper Seeds: Two Easy and Effective Methods
The best 2 easy and effective methods for planting pepper seeds. Learn here how to sow pepper seeds in pots or cell packs filled with a seed-starting mix. Learn growing techniques including pre-sprouting seeds and get easy tips for growing peppers at home.
how to grow the shingle plant care tips for a unique houseplant
The Shingle Plant - Caring for Rhaphidophora hayi & R. cryptantha
How to grow Shingle Plants. Shingle plants have vining stems and are an excellent foliage to have. Here is how to grow shingle plants, including watering, feeding, repotting, and propagation. Plus I will go over the different varieties, Rhaphidophora hayi, and Rhaphidophora cryptantha. See if this tropical perennial climber is right for you.
someone is planting plants in small pots with text overlay that reads, indoor plants easy ways to get humbly
How to Best Raise the Humidity in Your Indoor Grow Room
Maintaining the right humidity level is a crucial component of creating an optimal growing environment inside your home, especially for your seedlings! From supporting robust root systems to fostering healthy leaf surfaces, the right humidity level plays a pivotal role in every stage of plant growth and will help ensure the strongest little plants before they move outside after your frost.
Are Your Snake Plant Leaves Yellowing?
Snake plant leaves turning yellow? Here are the 9 most common causes and solutions. If you notice your Snake houseplant is wilting and yellowing no worries, we have the fix to bring your green foliage back to life.
All About Soil Blocking and Why It’s a Better Way to Start Seeds
Find out here what soil blocking is and how to do it correctly! When it comes to sowing seeds and saving money this gardening technique is a real winner. If you love your indoor garden this post is a must-read.
Pea Sprouts and Shoots: A Step By Step Growing Guide
How to Grow Pea Sprouts and Shoots. Growing peas is fun and easy and if you grow sprouts and shoots you can enjoy tender sweet peas even faster. In this vegetable gardening guide learn about adding peas to your indoor garden. You can grow pea sprouts and shoots year-round inside your home with these tips and ideas.
cucumbers growing in a greenhouse with text overlay that reads, master the art of growing cucumbers indoors
Master The Art Of Growing Cucumbers Indoors
This variety produces long, slender, and straight cucumbers. You can choose Carmen because it can easily tolerate cold weather.