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a hand holding an apple with the words different versions of snow white and the seven dwarfs
Different Versions of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Did you know there are several different versions of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? After reading the different stories, let students compare and contrast the tales with a free graphic organizer.
a person holding up a book with the title your name is a song in it
Your Name is a Song Book Activities
Your Name is a Song by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow and Luisa Uribe is a celebration that reminds us of the beauty, history, and magic behind names. I want to share a few name activities you can pair with this book. These would be perfect for Back to School activities, but they can be used any time of year.
Help your child cope with loss through these children's books about grief. Find comfort in reading while you talk about and work through the grief together.
Children's Books about Grief
Help your child cope with loss through these children's books about grief. Find comfort in reading while you talk about and work through the grief together.
the fire safety books for kids are open on shelves and there is a fireman's hat hanging up
Fire Safety Books for Kids
Looking for fun and engaging ways to teach your kids about fire safety? Look no further than these top fire safety books for kids! From learning the importance of smoke detectors to knowing what to do in case of a fire, these books are perfect for children of all ages. With colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand language, your kids will love reading these books and learning about fire safety at the same time.
children's books about inventors are featured in this collage with the title
Children's Books About Inventions
Do you have students in your classroom who love to build, tinker, and create? You may have a future inventor or engineer on your hands! Here are some of my favorite children's books about inventions. These books are also a great addition to your STEM/STEAM book collection.
an inventi - a - pet book with the title, free book activities
Invent-a-Pet Activities
Do you love a story that combines a love for animals with colorful illustrations and a little bit of STEM? Then you should read Invent-a-Pet by Vicky Fang. I've put together a few activities you can pair with this cute story.
children's books about growth and minds with text overlaying the image that reads,
Growth Mindset Books for Kids
How do we get students to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? One way to do this is with engaging read alouds. Here are some of my favorite growth mindset books for kids to help start a conversation about taking risks, dealing with failure, and having persistence through it all.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cup of coffee
5 Tips for Successful Conferences
Conferences are a great time to connect with families, but they can be stressful! Here are some tips I keep in mind every time I�m getting ready for conference week.
an image of fraction worksheet with numbers and symbols on the back ground, including one
Children's Books about Fractions
When it comes to teaching fractions, don't underestimate the value of a good book. Here are some children's books about fractions to help get your students excited about math!
dragon love tacos book companion printables and digital options for kids to use
Dragons Love Tacos Activities
Do your students love to read Dragons Love Tacos? Here are some activities you can pair with the book. You'll find comprehension questions, vocabulary practice, graphic organizers, a taco craft, dragon directed drawing, and more!
the creepy crayon book is on display with its purple cover and matching stickers
Creepy Crayon Sequencing Craft
Getting ready to share Creepy Crayon with your students? Try this sequencing craft. After reading the story, students can put the events back in order with this crayon-themed craft.
a red monster holding up a paper sign with the words love monster written on it
Love Monster Craft
After reading Love Monster by Rachel Bright, students can create their own love monsters with this free craft. You can choose between three different writing options.
using money in the classroom with text overlay
Classroom Economy: How I Use Money in the Classroom
Using classroom money can be highly motivating to students and help students practice important math skills. This blog post explains how I got started with classroom money.