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carrots with faces made out of paper and grass
Instagram post by تنمية مهارات • Dec 19, 2018 at 9:37pm UTC
colorful paper lanterns hanging from strings in a room with text overlay that reads plastic jar lanterns
Plastic Jar Lanterns with Kids
Kids make colorful lanterns from giant mayonnaise jars.
many colorful boxes are stacked on top of each other and have faces painted on them
Receita de Papel Machê de Jornal
Receita de papel machê de jornal - Arteblog
a diagram of an underground well with water and other things labeled in the text below
Image result for sustainable building technology
three children are standing in front of a wall with skeletons on it and one child is pointing at the skeleton
Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point
Interactive puzzles! Guest engagement.
two wooden clocks with different designs on display in a museum exhibit case, one showing time and the other displaying pictures
Projects - Three Dimensional Services
Recycling Exhibit, sustainability exhibit, environmental exhibit
a woman holding up a green circular object in front of a wooden wall with pictures on it
Steigerwald-Zentrum - Impuls-Design
Interaktives Exponat / Hands-On Entdeckerrad im Steigerwald-Zentrum. Konzipiert und realisiert von Impuls-Design.
a display case with various items on it in a room that has pink and white walls
Werner Aisslinger imagines the future of living for gallery installation
an exhibit in a building with artwork on the wall
Green Threads Exhibition Graphics, BCM
Green Threads at the Brooklyn Children's Museum EGD on RISD Portfolios