Mini doll ..4 inch...

Mini doll of Di Gi Charat (Princess Dejiko) Pattern for 4 inches…

Boneca deliciosa...

so adorable… not ugly at all :) might have to make a little man version.

This is a really cool accessory that you can make for yourself. When you look at it it is really nice and getting the materials is not hard at all. You can spend about 14 minutes on this dress and everything will be fine after. This is fun and you will see...

DIY Black Dress Phone Chain

Oh my, so detailed ~~ "DIY Doll Dresses. This reminds me of my grandmothers who both made beautiful Barbie clothes for her. She was my best dressed doll.

Глазки из пластиковой ложки | Забавы от Натальи

These are from plastic spoons but could also make poppin' eyes from mini-muffin /mini cupcake molded plastic plastic trays.

13 Cosas que debes hacer con las taparroscas ¡ya!

13 Cosas que debes hacer con las taparroscas ¡ya!

Elissabat, aka Veronica Von Vamp. Friend of Draculaura's. She grew up among the nobility of Transylvania


Elissabat is a famous Vampire actress, who performs under the name Veronica Von Vamp, and the current Queen of the Vampires. She is a close friend of Draculaura.