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edgy wedding nail ideas I already do my nails like the bottom right pic!

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scotch tape nail art: this is so cool! as much as i LOVE nail polish an my nails i would have never thought of this idea.

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Weddbook ♥ Creative and unique wedding nail design. Modern bridal nails (via cute polish) - French bridal nail designs. Glittered French Tip Nails sparkle glitter polish nail pink

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China Glaze- Rose Gold Sparkle Add a little glam to the traditional tones of nail colors on your wedding day. When the light catches the glitter, it'll sparkle just enough to compliment your marital glow

Stripe Manicure | Spring Nail Ideas

Colorful nail art is here to stay! These 3 Spring Nail Ideas will make a mani masterpiece in minutes.

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Combined Nailart, Fruity Fresh Cute And Pretty Strawberry Nail Art With Pink Color Cool Easy Nail Designs Step By Step For Beginners ~ 10 Super Simple Cool Easy Nail Designs To Do At Home Nail Art For Short Nails