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Biodigital Chair by Genetic Architectures Office in Barcelona, Spain

Optimal Seating Alberto T. Estevez, the Genetic Barcelona Project's creator, also helped create the Biodigital Chair. Using parametric design tools, its designers determined the optimal shape for seating, then grew a layer of grass over the wooden model.

Urbanis Quadrat Timber Litter Bin

A square litter bin manufactured from steel and clad in treated timber slats. Available with either a or capacity.

The Solar Powered Soft Rocker Workstation.

The Solar Powered Soft Rocker Workstation. You would get arrested in the United States for this :) lol just saying

Northeastern University Tribute Portal

Portal at Night, Northeastern University Tribute Portal, Northeastern University, Selbert Perkins Design

Sea Park in Latvia Creates a New Center of Attraction

Sea Park // by Substance // Landezine // Saulkrasti, Latvija // foto © Edvins Gurspons

Kic Parque                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Kik Park is a leftover urban area that Francesco Gatti is surprised to see has escaped being built-up and which is positioned at the entrance to the Kic Vill.