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Don't overthink it

16 Pet Peeves Every Bookworm Will Understand

Flavia Viana faz post após fim do casamento (Foto: Instagram / Reprodução)

(Emptiness fills a huge space)


Love thorin and Legolas lol I accepting of all middle earth species !

Trey songz♥Truu

Trey songz♥Truu

Harry Potter The Maze Runner The Mortal Instruments Cloclworks The Fifth Wave The Nick Chronicles Dark-Hunters

I didn't choose the fandom life. the fandom life grabbed my hand and whispered "run"

Pretty free printable valentines! Great valentines quotes.

A Valentine Video from Us to You (and free printables!) - Camille Styles A Valentine Video from Us to You (and free printables!

100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (12)

I sincerely enjoy your existence :)

Very true

Yep, so true! A lot of my acquaintances at school don't even know about my fandoms.

PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT!!!! I think this is inaccurate. Authors develop emotional attachments to their characters just like the readers. In a way, the author has to deal with more sadness from the death of a character than a reader does. An author envisions a life for their character, and it's painful to give them up. Authors HATE killing their characters. It's much harder for an author to kill a character in their novel than people like to imagine.

*starts sobbing* "Why? Why are they so cruel. Don't they think of the readers who fall in love with the characters."<<*everyone stares at uncle rick