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Read vi from the story namjin the type by (sung inha) with reads. Namjin es el tipo de pareja que pone el árbol y.

I freaking love blonde haired Jin!!!

Jin & RM unit shot in their special album YOUNG FOREVER. Even in business shorts they still look so confident and handsome. Especially Jin in that blonde hair 😀

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Rapmon BTS but what is Jin doing?>>>>> It looks like he's claiming rights to his man, he's looking us dead in the eyes before getting all close to Namjoon like "yea bitch better back up"

appa Namjoon and omma jin <3

Rap Monster and Jin ❤ @ Incheon Airport heading to️ Taiwan for Onstage Epilogue (Taipei)


Namjoon looks like he REALLY wanted to hold Jin lol awww namjin moments are my fav 💘

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this is so soft. like seokjin's faint blinking while looking deep in thought, namjoon's heaving chest and namjin in peace with each other.

BTS Smuts (Requests Closed) - Jinster: Trouble

BTS Smuts (Boy X Boy) - Jinster: Trouble