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Everything to do with Traditional Witchcraft past & present. There is a lot of misleading information on traditional witchcraft online and in books. What makes things even more confusing is that some people lump trad witchcraft & Wicca together as if it's the same path. Wicca is a modern form of white witchcraft that was brought to the public in 1954 by Gerald Gardner. Trad witchcraft on the other hand, is very old and accepts black & white magic as an important part of witchcraft.

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“The Devil’s Greenhouse” – the most lethal poisonous plants from around the world Deadly Plants, Poisonous Plants, Herb Garden, Garden Plants, Flowering Plants, Organic Gardening, Gardening Tips, Container Gardening, Poison Garden

The Devil's Greenhouse #infographic

When you give someone flowers, or find them growing wild in the woods, your first thought may be of their beauty. “How lovely they smell and look! Pretty enough to eat!” But be careful! Not all flowers are as harmless and lovely as they look. Some are natural born killers on the inside! They even have evocative names like Bloodroot, Deadly Nightshade, and Dead Man's Bells. Some have been historically used as poison. Others have medical applications when properly processed. But in untrained…

Atropa belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) is one of the most notorious of witch plants. Many scholars believe that the witches' "trips" to the Sabbat were often brought about through ingestion of this and similar drugs. Botanical Drawings, Botanical Prints, Poison Garden, Illustration Botanique, Poisonous Plants, Deadly Plants, Plant Drawing, Flower Branch, Planting Flowers

Atropa belladonna - Hallucinogenic Plants A Golden Guide

Atropa belladonna - Hallucinogenic Plants A Golden Guide Images from: A Golden Guide to Hallucinogenic Plants by Richard Evans Schultes & Elmer W. Smith Read more at; Also more information about this plant on the Erowid database. These plants have been used by people for visionary and ceremonial purposes since time immemorial. They are an immense gift to humankind, and have shaped and enriched our culture. Many of…

"Picking the Berries", by Ryta Studio. This piece depicts a witch picking the Berry named Crow Eye for it's likeness of a Crow's Eye. By legend, Witch's use this single berry on each bush for potions. 4x6 Postcard, Postcard Printing, Traditional Witchcraft, Beautiful Witch, Hedge Witch, Halloween Prints, Halloween Images, Witch Art, Autumn Art


Witch Garden

Here's our biggest list of Traditional Witchcraft Books including books on witchcraft, folklore, mythology, and "poison path" herbalism. Herbs For Protection, Witchcraft Books, Traditional Witchcraft, Color Dust, Poisonous Plants, The Secret History, Book Of Shadows, Occult, Frases

Plants of the Devil

Plants of the Devil examines the history and magic of herbs associated with Satan and his minions, delving into the folklore of ancient Europe and the British Isles. Included in the book are the di…

Read Emerson W. Baker's book A Storm of Witchcraft: The Salem Trials and the American Experience (Pivotal Moments in American History). Published on by Oxford University Press. New Books, Good Books, Books To Read, Salem Witch Trials, Thing 1, History Books, Emerson, The Book, Nonfiction

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