As I mentioned in Vivienne’s birthday post, we decided on a beach theme for her birthday party this year. I figure it’s the last year we’ll really be able to pick for her, and…

Que tal decorar os cupcakes da festa das crianças com inspirações criativas e fáceis de fazer?

10 Ideias para Decorar Cupcakes!

Create Squirt Happy Turtlecakes, a recipe inspired by the movie Finding Nemo, with step by step instructions. Enjoy this recipe with your kids and family.

♥♥♥  INSPIRAÇÃO: Bolos perfeitos para um mini-wedding ou noivado Os mini-weddings estão cada vez mais na moda! Este tipo de festa de casamento, que é conhecida por ser mais intimista, tem sido a escolha de muitas ...

INSPIRAÇÃO: Bolos perfeitos para um mini-wedding ou noivado

Donatella Semalo: Una torta con le roselline :) **can't read it, but like the cake**

Bicos de Confeitar: 10 Tipos para Confeitar Bolos, Tortas e Cupcakes

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Bolo Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell On A Tree Stump Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Buttercream Covered In Mmf Gum Paste Flowers And Mushrooms Tink Is A Toy The Bday.

Mila Loss - Doces Decorados: Fundo do Mar

Mila Loss - Doces Decorados: Fundo do Mar


Just Peachy Keen Celebration Cake - Your guests will be tickled “peach” when you serve this sweet-looking cake! The top of the cake is decorated in overlapping piped leaves, which gives it a fun look perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or Mother’s Day.

festa_tema_pequena_sereia (17)

Festa tema sereia

festa_tema_pequena_sereia (17)

ideias_simples_decorar_bolo_ (9)

Ideias criativas para decorar bolo de aniversário

bolo de aniversario fundo do mar

Bolo de aniversário: dicas e modelos para você acertar na festa!

I think this is the prettiest cake i have ever seen. I think i will pretend this is my birthday cake this year Tap the link now to find the hottest products for your kitchen!

Pastel e flores

Stunning Mum Profusion Cake - The plush look of Shaggy Mums adds wonderful texture to a basic iced cake.