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Easy blueberry dessert | dessert, Vaccinium sect. Cyanococcus | Easy blueberry dessert This video was produced by Network Media, LLC and Elaine Hayhurst | By My Life | This is my Sarah Lee classic pound cake. I found it in the freezer department at my local Walmart. Now I'm just going to give this a couple more cups. Lengthwise. We're going to cut this up into nice smaller pieces. If you've never had this before, it is so good. Now, I am going to take my thirteen by nine baking pan and I am just going to put all of these pieces down into the bottom of it. There we go. Perfect. The smoothies out a little bit. Make sure they're nice and spread. Perfect. Okay. Now, I'm taking two cans of blueberry pie filling and I am just going to layer all of that in there on top of our pound cake. Perfect. I love blueberries. They're such a favorite dessert of mine for the spring and the summer. Blueberries just smell so fresh and delicious to me. Oh look at that. And we're going to spread this all out evenly. Covering all the pieces of pound cake. It's going to mix in there a little bit. And end up being absolutely there we go. I got a nice absolutely delicious. Delicious. Okay. Just going to move this to the side for a second. And bring out my bowl and my whisk. Okay, now I have got my cheesecake jello instant pudding mix. This is so tasty. You've gotta try this. I'm such a cheesecake fan and this is the easiest way to get that delicious cheesecake flavor. Gonna put all of that in there. And now we're going to use 12 ounces of whole milk. We want this to be nice and creamy. Just going to pop my whole bottle in there. Look at that. Now, secret ingredient. I'm using Cool Whip. I love it. It's better than Ready Whip. Test me on that any day. Trust me on that. I'm going to use my whisk. I'm going to put, this is a large container. So, I'm going to put about half of this container in. And we're just going to start mixing this up in here. Getting all of that incorporated. Alright, now that we've got that all mixed in, I'm going to bring back my nine by 13 pound cake. And I am just going to start pouring this all over. Yeah, doesn't that look good? Oh my god. It's so creamy. It smells delicious and that is just going in there so smoothly. Oh it's going to look good. We're just going to tilt this a tiniest bit so it gets all the way to the edges. Covers all of that pounding. Oop. Not too much. There we go. Oh that looks good. Okay we're almost done here. I've got just one more ingredient to add. What else does this need? We have got some fresh blueberries. Don't worry I just washed these. And I'm just going to start sprinkling all these on top. Oh look at that. They're just going to make an extra added flavour. Little burst of blueberries in this delicious cream cheese cheesecake flavoured frosting on top. Oh that looks good. Yeah. Okay. We are all done. Check this out. Look at all these layers coming in. Oh wow. Yeah. Doesn't that look delicious? That blueberry mixed with pound cake. We're going to put this in the fridge for an hour and then it'll be ready to enjoy. Alright it's been one hour and our delicious blueberry dessert is ready. Look at that. All that creamy goodness has thickened at the top. It's become a nice pudding layer. And let's just take a peek. Like look at those delicious blueberry peeking out of the cake there. That just looks amazing. Alrighty, you ready to take a bite? I know I am. I am. Okay, I'm going to get a piece out right here. Oh, That is just yes. It's cutting in so nicely. Okay I want to make sure I get all of this out here. Let me get my plate. Get ready. Let me get all the way down. Okay, perfect. Oh yeah. This is looking so I can't wait to taste this cheesecake on top. Fresh blueberries, our blueberry pie. Oh, this is going to be so good. Let me make sure I got little bit of everything in my bite here. And the verdict is this is amazing. Alright, my turn. Uptake.