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there is a skull and flowers on top of each other in this black and white photo
the hangman's beautiful daughter
Skulls and flowers
a painting of a vase with roses and a skull on the table next to it
Vanitas Still Life (n.d. / Oil on canvas) - by Unknown Dutch Master
a skull sitting on top of a table next to a glass
Vanitas© Диана Амелина - #Still #Life #Photography
a skull sitting on top of a stack of books with a candle in front of it
The Future Eaters
a vase filled with flowers next to a skull
The Velvet Print - A Place at The Table - 8 x 10
High quality, vibrant pieces, produced on luxurious velvet matte paper. The Giclée printing process results in stunning images, full of exquisite and luxurious detail. With seven dye-based inks (which offer a vast range of colors), this process retains even the finest elements of a given artwork. Since my photographs incorporate ample darkness and shadow, Giclée printing ensures that even the smallest details are captured, while offering a lower price point than an exhibition-quality fine art pr
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a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a mirror
Dutch Style Flowers
an arrangement of flowers, fruit and berries on a table with a cloth draped over it
a wooden table topped with plates covered in fruit and flowers next to tall black candles
MOOD! Start with burgundy, layer in peach tones, add deep navys and finally - brass accents VIA
an arrangement of flowers and fruit on a table with candles in the dark room behind it
STEMS & FORKS – Beautiful musings of flora and fare.
an arrangement of flowers, fruit and candles on a table
Wedding Thank You Message
a table topped with a vase filled with red flowers next to a slice of lemon
***© ablank - #Still #Life #Photography
***© ablank #Still #Life #Photography
a painting of berries and butterflies on a black background, with one butterfly flying over them
The Still Life Photographer Who Is Reinterpreting Dutch Masters
a bouquet of flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a lit candle
Dutch inspired flowers