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three pieces of fabric with flowers on them and the words fast and easy pillowcase with french scams
Sewing Patterns Shop
How to make a pillowcase with french seams in 3 sizes! Pretty borders too. Click through to read the whole post and get the cutting and sewing instructions. Even beginners will be able to make these.
an owl pillow is laying on the bed
DIY: Microwavable Owl Softie
DIY: heatable owl softie
a woman holding a blue and white handbag with green trimmings on it
Tutorial: The Frou Frou Bag - Sew Sweetness
Sew Sweetness: Tutorial: The Frou Frou Bag
a purse with a bow hanging from it's side on a door hanger
Anthro Knock-off Bag with Printable Pattern
The Little Apple Seed: Anthro Knock-off Bag with Printable Pattern
several different fabrics are stacked on top of each other
Easy Baby Blanket Patterns to Sew - Crazy Little Projects
Easy Baby Blanket Tutorial
a gray and yellow flowered bag sitting on top of a cement floor next to a brick wall
Messenger Bag Tutorial and Pattern
How to Sew a Messenger Bag - one yard each of main, coordinating and lining fabric.
an orange and white polka dot purse with credit cards in the pocket, sitting next to a mirror
Patchwork-y Bifold Wallet Tutorial
Wallet tutorial
three flowers are sitting on top of a bed with white and pink pillows in the background
Fleece Flower Pillows for Sierra to do
a red knot on the back of a brown couch
DIY Celtic Knot Heart Pillow
DIY Celtic Knot Heart Pillow: Tried&
a bed with a ruffled blanket on top of it
metzinteriors - Etsy
DIY ruffled throw - using 2 king sized sheets...awesome!!!
an old sewing machine sitting on top of a table
Sewing Machine Pin Cushion
Sewing machine pin cushion. Pure Genius!
a hello kitty sewing machine with an orange cat on it
Sewing projects – Yoga mat bag, Pincushion and Frame
must make this
a white hoodie with the words the grandad is on it
The Granny Hoodie...A Tutorial
Made by Me. Shared with you.: The Granny Hoodie...A Tutorial
a quilted blanket sitting on top of a table next to a flower pot filled with flowers
Puff or Biscuit Quilt Tutorial -Part 1
"Puffy" Quilt tutorial! Finally, one that is FREE!!! I hate it when people try to profit off something that they *clearly* didn't invent! This lady is awesome! :)
a green shirt with pink bows on the front and back, sitting on a mannequin
Bow, T-Shirt DIY
Add a bow to it.