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three stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a white surface with text overlay that says sock kangaroo free sewing pattern
Sock Kangaroo Free Sewing Pattern
Sock Kangaroo Free Sewing Pattern
a stuffed dog toy laying on top of a white bed next to the same pillow
Lazy Dog Toy sewing pattern - Sew Modern Kids
Lazy Dog Toy sewing pattern. The designer describes her Lazy Dog Toy as extremely cute and designed so they can easily be carried around in small hands. Besides making this super cute Lazy Dog you'll also make a bone toy for him that will not only act as a comforter for your baby boy or girl, but it will bring joy and smiles every day. SewModernKids
the instructions for how to make a whale pillow
an elephant is sitting on top of a table with blue and white decorations around it
the paper whale is cut out and ready to be made
an image of some paper crafts that look like turtles with flowers and leaves on them
the hedgehog pattern has been designed to look like an animal
the penguin rice bag sewing pattern is shown with six small penguins in pink and white
Penguin Rice Bag sewing pattern - Sew Modern Bags
three small zipper pouchs with text overlay reading mini zipper pouch step by step
DIY Mini Zipper Pouch
the coin purse is made from fabric and has coins in it, as well as other items
zipper pouch Pattern & Tutorial | Sewing gifts, Sewing purses, Diy cute coin purse
an orange cat purse with a dollar bill sticking out of it's back pocket and the words cut zipper pouch free pattern & instructions by the we all sew family
Landing - Knitted Bliss
the kitty cat coin purse is sewing pattern
Kitty Cat Coin Purse - Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial