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If you like spinning then this documentary is worth seeing. You can learn a lot from it. Hands (Wool Spinning in Donegal)1978 - YouTube

Hands (Wool Spinning in Donegal)

Filmed in 1978 in Kilcar and Carrick.

Five tips for spinning a consistent yarn

Five Tips For Spinning a Consistent Yarn

By Amelia © February 25, 2011 Wow! Madrona Fiber Arts Festival was a hoot! But more on that at the end... Last summer, I was contacted by a tapestry weaver about spinning some "3 ply yarn" for her. In fact, the yarn she wanted mimiced in handspun was Paternayan's, which has 3 strands or fingering-weight 2-ply loosely twisted together. And, her plan was to separate them to color-blend (tapestry weaving is so cool!) There was to be 10 pounds of fiber to be spun, from local sheep, locally dyed…

Measuring the twist angle of yarn. I really need to make one for myself.

HJS Studio Understanding Twist Angles

HJS Studio is a fiber art studio offering handspun, handwoven one of a kind items, classes on handspinning, handweaving, dyeing, knitting, and related subjects.

Making Rolags | New year, new tool | Barbro's Threads

New year, new tool

I got a blending board for Christmas. I bought a piece of card cloth, and hubby took an old book shelf and turned it into a board. I love it! For a long time I thought I don’t need yet anothe…

Keep losing count when you're trying to tally the yardage of handspun yarn? Here's how stitch markers can help out! | Easily Measure The Yardage Of Handspun Yarn withwool.com

Easily Measure the Yardage of Handspun Yarn — With Wool

Whether you're spinning for Tour de Fleece, Spinzilla, or for a particular project, you'll have to figure out how much yardage you have eventually. This locking stitch marker trick will help you keep count no matter how much you've spun.

How do I know which ratio to choose on my spinning wheel when I want to spin a specific fibre? More about ratios and twist etc.

Rather than yarns you happen to create … whorls and more.

I have had a number of questions in the Ravelry group about ratios and whorls* for spinning wheels. There are some really good resources out there to get started using and understanding ratios, som…

How and why to spin a cabled yarn. I'm adding this to my spinning self-taught course program list

Cabled yarns: Spinner's Glossary

Knitty is the longest-running free knitting magazine on the web. Enjoy our huge selection of free, quality knitting patterns and articles!

Finishing Hand Spun Yarn

Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!

You've finished spinning and plying a bobbin (or spindle) full of yarn, congratulations! But what now? How do you get your handspun ready for knitting or crocheting? Here’s how to wind your skein and finish up your yarn so that it is polished and ready to impress!

How to Ply Yarn with Thread for Beginners - YouTube shows different textures onto plain yarn

How to Ply Yarn with Thread for Beginners with Ashley Martineau

How to Ply Yarn with Thread for Beginners - YouTube shows different textures onto plain yarn

6 Tips for Spinning on a Drop Spindle - from Morale Fiber Blog

Drop Spinning: Advice From a Non-Expert

There’s quite a lot of technical language that you encounter when delving into the world of spinning instructions, and you’ll find yourself in an especially confusing place if you’…

Learn exactly what you need to know about drive ratios (on the Sheepspot blog)

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tutorial of color progression with hand carded rolags to yarn. IMG_3191pn by The Heatherness, via Flickr

They see me rolagin', they hatin'...

Inspired by the fabulous NJStacie , I put together a little post about how I do my hand-carded progressions. For this little demonstration o...