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There is consistent proximity throughout the logotype. The negative space forming the "N" makes sense with the name because looking at the logotype engages the audience when locating the "N". I also think the logotype font works well bold.

clever logo with symbolism and double meaning. But we don't want men's ties in our logo


DP- Using typography and design to convey ideas. 30 Amazing Typography Logo Designs for Inspiration.

Corporate identity for Megabox, a chain of movie theatres. #visualIdentity #logo #Megabox

corporate identity for Megabox, a chain of movie theatres. Although this design is for a movie theatre, it carries a youthful energy which could be applied to harrow jammin


branding and packaging diseño gráfico logo diferentes soportes the inside 品牌形象设计

Custom Ampersand by Kenny Sing

Custom Ampersand

Catapulta Fest Identity by Studio Face

I love the fuchsia / navy color combo. It's energetic, eye-catching, & modern. Would be great for a or Catapulta Fest Identity by Studio Face

Michał Nowak - Identity

The Personal Identity of Michał Nowak. The Polish graphic designers Marcin Przybys and Ania Szerszen developed the personal identity for Michał Nowak, a vi

Omaygahd. HAHAHA

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pink goes with everything

[ bright colorful + bold aesthetic + + logo design + color palette ] Delight Branding by Lauren Ledbetter Design & Styling

Claudia Ribeiro – Bologna City brand identity proposal

Bologna City Branding on Behance: It's about what you want but how you worked toward achieving a compelling content/design.

Hospital del siglo XVI restaurado recientemente

Possible theory I can apply for the Legend Lighting Logo - create a repeat print out o f the logo form?

Hamptons House | Moffitt.Moffitt.

New Brand Identity for Hamptons House by Moffitt.Moffitt - BP&O