Fun way to help your kids save for something special. Put a picture of what they're saving for in a shadow box and cut a slit for money.

Dream Bank

I Have A "Dream Bank". Buy a shadow box, put a picture of your dream vacation destination in it, cut a slot at the top, and start saving for your trip. Might need a BIGGER shadow box though


It's a point of view . a really cool point of view - this is beyond awesome! Waaay beyond awesome!


Amazing inspiration for the drinks / help-yourself bar at an industrial chic style wedding - Light up letters - wedding

Designspiration — Design Inspiration

This is pretty cool, i like how the person used half of the word to create a shadow. Shows a very clean artistic side. More / How you hide? Just hide in the word

Cool way to upcycle an old sportscar seat

How cool would it be to have this in your living room? This awesome chair was inspired by fighter planes, from its aluminum-wrapped curves to its padded leather seat and back. Drawing inspiration from World War II bomber planes, this chairs aerodynam


No matter how you slice it, girls are awesome. There have been girl hockey players, girl Nascar drivers, and believe it or not there are a lot of girls who are awesome at skateboarding.

Fuji-san Molho de Soja Plate - Kaboomi Estúdio

Fuji-san Soy Sauce Plate - Kaboomi Studio These simple ceramic dishes are reportedly designed by Sorarine.

Daft Punk

Turkish designer and illustrator Aykut Aydoğdu has created this stunning branding concept for the incredibly popular French electronic music duo, Daft Punk. By keeping the project elegant and at the…