beautiful illusion from the format of op art that creates the illusion of the image being

Optical illusion***2 prongs or 3.U call it.

Imagine The Possibilities. The complete series of illuminating thoughts from Robert Horne on Imagine Paper. Poster series by Magpie Studio.


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Wave Festival 2012

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Anamorphic Optical Illusions by Georges Rousse

Anamorphic Optical Illusions by Georges Rousse

French artist Georges Rousse paints interiors to create the illusion you see in these photos.

Inspiração de MAIO em cartões criativos

Inspiração de MAIO em cartões criativos

Russian graphic designer Evgeny Katz created this unique business card concept for barbers. The card features a pair of scissors that animate when you slide the card in and out of the sleeve. See more on Katz’s Behance page.

Nice Optical Illusion - http://gags101.com/nice-optical-illusion/

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Victor Vasarely - Eridan II (1956)

Victor Vasarely - Eridan II I really like the bold sharp edges in this optical illusion