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a woman riding on the back of a bike with a basket of flowers in her hand
Todas as transferências | Aprender artesanato é
an altered book with flowers and words on it
IG Friends Traveling Journal - Debbie
Elves In The Attic: art journal
a drawing of a man in top hat and cane standing next to an open book
charlie Drawing
Saatchi Online Artist Loui Jover; Drawing, "charlie" #art
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table next to other books and papers
#inspiration #art #journal #creative
there is a poster with a train on it and a teddy bear next to it
flying shoes art studio
Vintage Train Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page - flying shoes art studio
a drawing of a woman with her arm around another woman's neck, in red and white striped sweaters
Se for de paz, pode entrar ❤: fotografia
a watercolor painting with trees in the background and words written on it that says take me to a quiet place
Girls Dream
via | wishful thinking
two pictures of some type of altered book with writing on the front and back cover
Art Journal "Lost in Relations" p.8
Art Journal
a map with pictures of people on it and the words cool photography idea written below
Take a picture in ever stare you've been, then glue it to the map. Great idea.
two pictures of an altered book with flowers on it
Louise 0-6 months art journal {covers}
art journals
an art journal on a wooden table with some string attached to the cover and two hearts hanging from it
Art-journal I love, etc ... | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a painting of a girl holding a ribbon with words on it and flowers in the background
Frida Kahlo Collage and Photoshop Creations Group
Frida Kahlo Collage and Photoshop Creations Group
an open book with birds and words on the pages that say i am feeling good
Art Journal: I am feeling good
Art Journal - I love the colors and the words to this song!!