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two decorative objects sitting on top of a wooden floor
Roman Plyus Conceptual interior | Paris Jun 20
three wooden vases with lights in them on a white tablecloth covered flooring
Bloom — Joanne Odisho
Bloom — Joanne Odisho
an image of a circular object made out of rolled up paper on a black surface
Mixed Media | Valerie Seaberg
there is a large coil made out of brown wicker and metal wire on a black background
Japanese Contemporary Ikebana Basket signed Jiro Yonezawa - Zentner Collection
Gorgeous rattan lamp
a woven basket sitting on top of a white table
《五谷丰灯》The Light of Harvest Series
On the basis of mining the traditional wooden leather basket modeling form, I in 2009 for the first time in the domestic basket wooden plane knitting stitch, improve the three-dimensional knitting stitch, create a new model of basket weaving art.
a brown vase sitting on top of a table
Masters of Bamboo: Japanese baskets and sculpture in the Cotsen Collection
a red star decoration on top of a wooden stand
Etoile SUN FLOWER Les petits montages de Mandarine.