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a group of people standing around a table with cards and legos on it that says, the best wedding guestbook i've ever seen
Make Your Day
a sign that says for the kids make a card for the bride and groom
The Best Kids Table Ideas For Your Wedding - Rustic Wedding Chic
a sign that says, my parents got married please take a treat for your furry friends
Boho Rustic Woodland Wedding with Pampas & Cookie Stack Cake
a large wedding cake sitting on top of a wooden table
rustic wedding cake
beautiful simplistic wedding cake with some pop of color
a basket filled with lots of bottles sitting on top of a table
Cute Wedding Kids Table Ideas: Activities, Food and Coloring Books!
three clipboards with colored crayons tied to them
19 Foolproof Ways to Keep Kids Busy at Your Wedding
there are four cameras on the table next to some candles and a card in a holder
Disposable Camera for Wedding Guests at The Pavilion at Patriots Point in Charleston
an outdoor dinner table set up with lights strung from the trees and greenery on the tables
Backyard Wedding Ideas
rows of chairs are lined up in the middle of an outdoor garden with flowers and greenery
Personal milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more are also referred to as eve
an outdoor dining area with tables, chairs and chandeliers covered in greenery